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Welcome to the brand new website!

Posted: 22nd September 2016

Welcome to the brand new website! image

So the time has come to finally reveal the brand new Sale Flooring Direct website, packed full of exciting new products, ranges and tools for our customers to enjoy.

Back in January a group of us sat in the offices of MTC Media and we really only had one objective from the meeting, how can we make this the best shopping experience for our customers?

Let’s be honest when we are shopping online we know what we want and going from start to finish isn’t always easy, all of us at sale flooring direct recognized this and for us and our customers what we had simply wasn't good enough. 

How do we improve and evolve, how do we give our customers all the answers without the hassle of calling into a call centre, waiting in line to be passed about from pillar to post? 

So we sat for days researching, agreeing, disagreeing until we realised we had to give our customers something that at every step helps them not only decide but give peace of mind. 

Flooring can be a big expense and you want to get it right so we have made sure of that, so for now I’ll stop rambling on and get on to the good stuff. 

What do other laminate flooring companies have that we don't?


What do we have that they don't, well... let me tell you exactly that. 

For months now the guys and girls have spent many long days and late nights building us something that's always talked about in our sector but has never been done before so we laid the gauntlet and MTC delivered. 

Welcome to the brand new and exclusive Sale Flooring Direct Room Builder.

Sale Flooring Direct's new and exclusive room builder 

I have been excited, nervous, impatient waiting for the new website to come together and you know it was all worth the wait just for this. Don't get me wrong I personally think our new website is the best on the market in our field, but the room builder is what I’ve been most excited about.

We can now offer you something no one else has. you can have the peace of mind knowing that when the time comes you know exactly how your new floor is going to look. You can design your room around this and won't have to re-paint or paper walls when you don’t like how the floor looks in contrast to the walls. 

Go ahead mix and match until your heart's content, we hope you love this as much as we do. 

Over the coming weeks I’ll take you through various stages of the website and how to choose the correct decors for your various projects. 

Kronotex, Balterio, Egger all have different fitting systems, we will show you what they are, and of course, address the myth of thicker is always better. 

Watch this space :)

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