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4 things to look out for when buying cheap laminate flooring in the UK

Posted: 24th July 2018

4 things to look out for when buying cheap laminate flooring in the UK image

High quality doesn’t have to be expensive – here’s our handy guide to what to look out for before buying cheap laminate flooring within the UK.

1. Brand

Our range has been carefully handpicked from the best brands of the market, providing you with a realistic natural wood effect at a reduced cost. Looking for high-quality without the matching high price tag? Balterio laminate flooring on sale is right for you.

Interested in sustainable forestry? Then Egger is for you. This well-established German brand believes in providing quality laminate flooring at cheap prices, with sustainability being a top priority.

Looking for durability and style? Kronotex or Swiss Krono laminate flooring could be ideal for those looking to add a real streak of character and pleasing aesthetics to their living spaces. And when you buy online from Sale Flooring Direct, you can get it at a fraction of the cost as the UK’s leading supplier of cheap laminate flooring.

2. Style 

Always make sure to choose the laminate flooring best suited to your needs and home style. For example, V Groove is the ideal option for those switching from carpet to a cheap laminate flooring alternative for the first time due to its versatility and durability. 4v laminate flooring is a cheap alternative to solid hardwood floors, providing an authentic look and feel of real wood. For the elegance associated with real ceramic and porcelain kitchen tiling at affordable prices, laminate tile flooring from Sale Flooring Direct UK are the ideal choice.

3. Finish 

At Sale Flooring Direct, we have a range of styles and finishes, but handscraped laminate flooring is most definitely one of our favourites. It offers all the rustic aesthetic you would expect with solid wood flooring, and is brilliantly versatile. It can be used in almost any environment, and will lend a truly unique and verdant aspect to your living or working spaces.

For a luxurious and elegant yet cheap laminate flooring solution in the home, you can’t go far wrong with high gloss laminate flooring. One of our most popular finishes, it can lend a pristine and expensive look to your living spaces, at a cut price.

4. Guarantee

Last but certainly not least, it is crucial to ensure that your cheap laminate flooring comes with a manufacturer guarantee. At Sale Flooring Direct, all of our laminate flooring comes with a manufacturer AND money back guarantee.

One thing is for sure. When you buy your laminate flooring online from Sale Flooring Direct, you are guaranteed the same levels of high quality across our whole range. And with varying price points, you are sure to find cheap laminate flooring that suits your budget. Check out our buying guide for more information or get in touch if you have any questions.

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