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Grey Laminate Flooring – No longer the dull option

Posted: 11th December 2018

Grey Laminate Flooring – No longer the dull option image

Grey Laminate Flooring was once thought of as an ugly, dull choice when it came to homeowner decisions on flooring. But with the rising and rising trend of minimalism in the interior decoration sphere, many are now looking at Grey as their colour of choice when it comes to laminate flooring.

With its neutral shade, grey laminate flooring can accompany a wide variety of styles, and it is this versatility which makes it a sound choice for many floors.

The days of having a cluttered and untidy home are well and truly over, according to research, as we are increasingly looking to minimise our living spaces to what we need rather than having everything we want. The lighting, space and design of our rooms are proven to have an effect on our mood. Returning home after a day’s work to loads of clutter and not much space is sure to add to stress levels, and this is where minimalism has arrived in the interior decoration world. Check out these podcasts for some hints & tips.

Grey laminate flooring has come to be closely aligned with other ideas related to minimalism, including smooth walls, unframed pictures, neat geometric designs and neutral colour schemes.

Laminate flooring is really durable, can be adapted into a wide range of colours and looks and is rather easy to install. With such a range of benefits it would be normal for one to assume that laminate flooring prices have sky rocketed, but that’s not the case. It still remains an attractive option which is just as, if not more affordable than other flooring options.

The shade of grey laminate flooring you opt for will depend significantly on what the size of the room is, as smaller rooms are more likely to suit a lighter shade of grey, while darker shades are more recommendable for larger spaces for a more welcoming look.

Whatever shade of laminate flooring you opt for, Sale Flooring Direct has a variety available at really affordable prices. Check out the range here.

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