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The Best Flooring Options for Dogs

Posted: 12th February 2019

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Moving into a new home is an exciting time. New house, new experiences and most importantly – a new pet. Never mind the new furniture or getting the garden done up, what you really need is a furry friend to keep you company.

But many don’t consider the havoc your new dog can wreak on your home – or your head! By researching the best flooring options for dogs in advance you can canine-proof your home from any future hair or scratch-related disasters.

Sharp nails and forever-shedding dogs present a variety of problems for the homeowner. You don’t want to be constantly brushing up hair or have to be looking up ways to fix scratches on your shiny new hardwood or laminate floor.

But really, our main concern is about keeping our little balls of joy comfortable themselves. If your floor is too slippy or uneven even the sturdiest of hounds may find it difficult to maintain their balance. What’s good for a viral YouTube video could be detrimental to your dog and your floor.

Then there is the dreaded accident-proofing.

Best case scenario you could be dealing with a strong stench and an even stronger stain, and worst case scenario you could become the star of that YouTube phenomenon we discussed earlier.

Best Flooring For Dogs

So, what are the key things you should take into consideration when you’re picking out a dog-proof floor for your property?

One of the most important aspects when considering flooring for dogs is durability. Regardless of the size or breed of your dog chances are it will be going to take more abuse than your average human-only floor.

There’s no need to compromise on quality or style though, you can keep your chic vibe and a happy pup at the same time.

Choosing a scratch-resistant surface should be top of your priorities, as those nails will probably have a field day all over your new floor if not.

Pet Friendly Flooring Options

Good news! There are several types of flooring for dogs which are affordable, stylish and will keep your pup (and you) happy.

Here’s our recommended options:

Hardwood Flooring

The classic clean and natural look afforded to hardwood floors has made it a go-to flooring choice over the years. A high-quality oak or cherry hardwood floor is likely to be highly scratch-resistant.

The harder the wood the less likely your furry friend will make a mess of floor, especially if its made with a urethane coat.

One downside is that it can stain easily if spills and stains are not cleaned up right away, but it is easy to brush or vacuum off.

Laminate Flooring

A more affordable alternative to solid hardwood flooring is laminate flooring. While it can be quite slippery and may leave your pet pal off balance from time to time, any scratches or abuse taken will be less noticeable in many cases.

The durability of laminate considering its affordability is a key consideration as well.

Vinyl Flooring

The easy to install nature and simple maintenance of vinyl flooring ensures that this is an ideal flooring solution for those that want a functional, nice looking and hassle free floor.

Vinyl also has the advantage of providing great traction for your pet, so they can roam freely around the home without threat of a slip or skid.

It is durable, long-lasting and guards against scratches and repetitive noise from doggy nails.


Carpet floors are still a popular option in many homes nowadays, particularly for bedrooms with a cosy look.

While they do present trouble when it comes to stains and proper cleaning, it would eliminate the noise of having your pup walking around and will provide a comfortable surface for them to potter around on.


Tiled floors are water and stain resistant so can provide dog owners with more relief when it comes to clean up time.

They are also less likely to have any long term damage and can cope well with what your dog’s nails have to throw at it.

If you want your best friend to be comfortable however, it’s certainly not the most dog-friendly flooring option.

Tips For Maintaining Floors For Dogs

If you’ve ever trained a new pup before, you will know one thing for sure. Accidents will happen, and there’s little you can do to stop that.

Training your dog properly on when and where to go to the toilet is a frustrating process.

If and when it happens, it’s important to clean up the mess as soon as possible, as the longer it’s left the more chance that the stain will become a built-in one.

Using a cleaning solution or baking soda will ensure the stain gets thoroughly cleaned and lead to further problems down the line – and less stress for you in the long run.

If your canine friend is older or taking longer than average to become toilet trained, you should get them checked by your vet to see if there is any medical issue preventing them from doing so.


There really is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to choosing the right flooring to suit all pet lovers.

The best flooring for dogs really depends on how comfortable you want your furry friend to be and whether you prefer style, substance or a suitable combination of the two.

Perhaps the most budget-friendly and easy to maintain flooring option is vinyl flooring, but even that could be prone to scratches.

Whichever type of pet-friendly flooring you opt for, the key is to maintain it regularly to ensure the upkeep in quality.

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