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Just a little time and effort can go a long way to ensuring that your new Laminate, Solid or Engineered floor stays in beautiful
condition and retains its value.

We all know that most dirt is brought into the home from outside and then is trodden into the floor. The best
cleaning method is to keep the dirt out altogether. Leave it outside the door! But how? Simply put a full-sized
doormat down at your front door.

But remember: dirt carried in on footwear can cause damage to all floor coverings. Gravel, etc., acts like
sandpaper and causes unsightly scratches. Chair legs, table legs, and cupboard feet should be fitted with felt
pads – it’s easier to move them and prevents scratches.

When first cleaning your newly laid laminate, Solid and Engineered floor
Before use, first remove any wood shavings, dust, and dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner using the suction
nozzle for hard surfaces.
A thorough cleaning is then recommended to get rid of any dirt residues which might linger. This is done by
wiping down the surface with a well-wrung damp cloth. This is known as a “moist wipe down”, and you should
add a little laminate cleaner or Wood Cleaner to the water.
Use a cleaner recommended by the laminate flooring manufacturer and follow their instructions

What kind of aftercare products can be used?

Wood Floor Cleaner

Lamainte Floor Cleaner

Loose surface dirt

Your new laminate flooring has a hard, impervious surface to which dirt cannot cling and in most cases
is easily removed. The ideal way to remove loose surface dirt is with a vacuum cleaner for hard surfaces,
preferably with an effective dust filter and suction nozzle for hard surfaces. Using a well-wrung, damp cloth,
you can remove dust and loose dirt quickly and easily from the floor.
We also recommend using ready-to-use impregnated cleaning cloths or wet wipes.

Please note: do not use abrasive cleaning pads, sponges and cloths, or scourers, etc. Do not sand, varnish,or wax laminate floors.


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