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Pros and cons of laminate flooring for your bathroom

Posted: 8th March 2019

Pros and cons of laminate flooring for your bathroom image

Choosing a floor for your bathroom is an important decision. The surface in your wash room is likely to take a lot of abuse so you want to make the right choice.

Laminate flooring is known as a great option for many rooms – but is it viable for your bathroom? Here are what we consider the main pros and cons of having laminate for your bathroom floor.

Pros of laminate for bathrooms

  • Easy installation: One of the most positive features of having laminate flooring in your bathroom (or indeed anywhere in your home) is the initial setup process. The simple click process of installing laminate makes it a DIY friendly job, meaning less money being forked out for the customer.

  • Durability: Other types of floors are more prone to scratches and other abuse. In the bathroom you want to ensure that there does not have to be constant fixes and repairs and laminate provides that security.

  • Price: Laminate flooring can represent a saving of as much as four times other alternatives such as traditional hardwood floors, which could be a significant financial saving particularly if you have a big house.

  • Easy to clean: Perhaps the biggest factor when it comes to which type of flooring you go with for your bathroom. Stains and spills will be commonplace and you need a surface which is well able to take a beating and come out cleaner on the other side.

Cons of laminate for bathrooms

  • Restricted: Not all laminate floors are capable of being used for bathrooms. Specialised types of laminate are used for these areas of the house, in order to prevent water from entering small gaps in the individual floorboards. If this happens it can cause further problems so best to choose a laminate which prevents this.

  • No refinishing: One of the downsides of laminate flooring is that you can’t refinish. So any major damage which occurs to the flooring means it has to be replaced, rather than simply finished again.

  • Slipperiness: Traditionally laminate flooring is considered to be much more slippery than other flooring alternatives, which could present an issue in steamy bathrooms.

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