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How to maintain high gloss laminate flooring

Posted: 1st October 2018

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Laminate flooring is the popular choice amongst house builders and homeowners alike because it requires less skill, takes less time to install, and is much less expensive than wood or tile flooring.

While fairly resistant to damage, high gloss laminate flooring carries a small risk of it losing its shine over time. However, maintaining the shine and beauty of your laminate floors is easy and can be done with minimal effort. We’ve put together some recommendations on how to maintain your high gloss laminate flooring so that it doesn’t lose its shine:

Post-Installation Cleaning

After initially installing your high gloss laminate flooring and before use, it is important to remove any resulting wood shavings, dust, and dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner using the nozzle for hard surfaces.

A thorough cleaning is then recommended to get rid of any dirt residues which might linger. This is done by wiping down the surface with a well-wrung damp cloth. This is known as a “moist wipe down”, and you should add a little laminate cleaner or wood cleaner to the water to do this.

Sweep and Vacuum

Dirt and debris can leave scratches that will dull down the surface of your high gloss laminate floor. For this reason we would recommend sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floor at least once a week. 

Most dirt is brought into the home from outside and then walked into the floor, but dirt carried in on footwear can also cause lasting damage to floor coverings. For example, gravel acts like sandpaper and causes unsightly scratches. Using a damp cloth you can remove dust and loose dirt like sand and gravel quickly and easily from the floor, reducing the risk of surface scratches.

We would also advise mopping your high gloss laminate floor weekly or as needed with a cotton mop that is only slightly dampened with warm water and a little laminate floor cleaner.

Avoid Cleaning Chemicals

Chemical cleaners will leave behind a residue that can dull the shine of a high gloss laminate floor. To avoid creating this residue, use a wet towel or a cloth-stripped mop to clean the flooring with added laminate floor cleaner if required.

Don't Use Waxes, Polishes or Abrasive Materials

Again, stay away from waxes, polishes and anything that may scratch the surface of your high gloss laminate flooring, such as abrasive cleaning pads, sponges and cloths, scourers, sanding or varnishing.

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