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Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors?

Posted: 11th October 2019

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Cleaning and maintaining your new laminate flooring should be a priority for your home, as in most areas of your house it is very common to accumulate dirt, dust and stains of all descriptions. A popular method of cleaning floors nowadays is the steam mop – but can you use a steam mop on laminate floors?

When researching the topic you may find a few different answers to the question, as it is not exactly a clear-cut situation. However, we will try to bring a bit of clarity so you can have peace of mind when cleaning your floor.

Most laminate flooring manufacturers recommend that you DO NOT use a steam mop on your laminate floor, as the excess moisture released by the steam mop can cause changing conditions for the floor and ultimately warp or ruin the floorboards.

As there is natural material in laminate floors it can be more susceptible to heat and moisture changes.

As a result, most laminate flooring manufacturers will state within their warranty that any damage caused by steam mops will not be covered.

So does that mean that you should not use a steam mop on your laminate floor?

Well, yes. You should carefully read the manufacturers’ instructions after purchasing your new flooring to see if such a clause is included in the warranty. Depending on what type of laminate flooring you have, using the steam mop may not cause any visible damage. But over time you may begin to notice a difference in the look of the floor.

If you are certain that you want to continue to use your steam mop on your floors despite your warranty potentially being void, there are steps you can take which will lessen any potential damage or wear to your floor. For example, do not let the mop lie on one area for too long, keeping a constant movement and thoroughly drying the area you have mopped afterwards can reduce the effects of excess moisture.

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